The Board is headed by an Executive Chairman who is been supported by four Board Members representing the four Emirate Councils in the State respectively (Gwandu, Argungu, Zuru and Yauri) and the Board Secretary.

The aim is to achieve the SUBEB strategic Planning process which involves a Review of SUBEB’s organizational Functions, Structures, Systems and Processes to determine fitness to deliver on the desired results.

A restructuring of SUBEB’s Structure, Functions, Systems and Processes was implemented over the course of time resulting in a repositioning of staff within the new structure.

List of LGEAs:
1. Aliero
11. Gwandu
21. Zuru
2. Arewa
12. Jega
3. Argungu
13. Kalgo
4. Augie
14. Koko Besse
5. Bagudo
15. Maiyama
6. Bunza
16. Ngaski
7. Birnin Kebbi
17. Sakaba
8. Dandi
18. Shanga
9. Danko Wasagu
19. Suru
10. Fakai
20. Yauri