The Board shall perform the following functions:-

1. The Management of Primary and Junior Secondary Schools, Nomadic Schools, unconventional Islamiyya Schools and Special Education Units.

2. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline of Teaching and non Teaching Staff Salary Grade Level 07 and above

3. Posting, Deployment and Transfer of Staff

4. Provides effective functional Supervisory Unit for Schools

5. Recruitment of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff to ensure compliance with minimum standards of Education as stipulated by the Universal Basic Education Commission and National Council of Education

6. Training of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff.

7. Assessment of Salary allowances of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff based on the scheme of service drawn by the State.

8. Ensure annual reports are rendered by Education Secretaries, and Head of Schools.

9. Preparing Testimonial and Certificate of Service for Teaching and Non Teaching Staff whenever necessary

10. Annual leave

11. Ensure Annual Auditing of Accounts of the Board

12. Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Schools, Classrooms and other School infrastructure

13. Physical development of School environment in line with Child friendly School initiatives

14. Purchase and distribution of school instructional materials

15. Mass mobilization and sensitization of the governance, public, in partnership with communities and stake holders on basic education with the aim of achieving overall objectives of the Board

16. Recommend to the Commissioner the establishment of private Primary and Junior Secondary Schools, coordinating and supervising of teaching and learning in Private Primary and Junior Secondary Schools.

17. Implement the policy guidelines for the successful operation of the Universal Basic Education Program.

18. Received grants from Universal Basic Education Commission and State contribution and disburse same in accordance with agreed formula to the local Government education Authorities. Nomadic Education Schools, Junior Secondary Schools, Adult Education Centres and Special Education Units.

19. Enquire in to and advice the State on the Universal Basic Education Commission and local governments, periodic audits of all basic education in the state.

20. Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the Universal Basic education related activities in collaboration with non-governmental and multilateral agencies.

21. Establish a universal basic Education date Bank unit and conduct research on basic education in the state.

22. Provide subvention to private school when necessary.

23. Carry out such other activities that are relevant and conducive to discharge of the functions of the Board under this law as the Commissioner or the Governor may from time to time determine.